• Myles Hopper

An Interview by Constance Malloy

Updated: 2 days ago

Recently, I was privileged to be interviewed by Constance Malloy, a fellow writer and a good friend. The interview appears on Constance’s website,, Home of the Burning Hearth blog. The interview can be found in the posting, November 2020, “In Conversation.”

From the website, about Constance:

I love storytelling! I love to dance! These two loves, my twin passions, have infused my life. For over two decades, I brought the joy of dance to hundreds of students through my teaching and choreography of jazz, ballet, and tap. Now, I want to make imaginations dance through my storytelling.

The power of narrative will never leave humanity. I believe there is something intrinsic in our nature that draws us to the campfire and the storyteller, whose face is lit by the flame, surrounded by the dark. We want to listen. We want our imaginations ignited. I invite you to come and sit by the campfire with me and to listen to my stories.

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